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A Free Content Management System

The ASPBite Content Management System allows you to take full control of building and maintaining a dynamic, content managed, web site. The advantages of the ASPBite Content Management System over a standard static site allow you to work with a modular system to add and use the functions you want in your web site, without any need for programming of your own.You can choose from a range of content management system add-on modules from both our free and commercial range.

There are many PHP based free content management systems available, but there is a shortage of quality ASP free content management system solutions. This was raised by an article in .Net magazine in early 2004 and led to ASPBite free content management system being featured in a .Net Masterclass and Coverdisk in June 2004, with the comment 'Easy to use and highly rated...'

We provide a totally free ASP based content management system together with further free modules, for use in both personal and commercial web sites, in return for acceptance of a small promotional link at the foot of every page. If your commercial site requires that this is removed, then you simply pay a small fee for a license code that will remove it..We also have a range of commercial add-on modules for your free content management system.

To build a content management system like this represents thousands of hours of work and we offer this free content management system in order to promote use and build a network of resellers that will promote and sell our commercial modules for the content management system.

Our free content management system makes use of HTML templates and a feature rich control panel, allowing you to completely customise the look of your web site, whilst retaining the excellent content management abilities of this free system. Although it is a free contenet management system, it also includes an excellent Whay You See Is What You Get editor, very similar to a word processor. With the built-in membership facilities you can control your content and allow other members of a team to assist with site updates. A true content management system, allowing a team to build and manage your web site, and all for free.

There is nothing to lose. We are giving you a commercial grade content management system for free! Try it out, use our extensive forums for help from a large base of other users. A free content management system for use on your site. Once you've used a content management system, you will wonder how you ever managed before.



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