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BaseStation V7 Full Installation type1 - Download - The latest BaseStation Download, now with a bundled html editor that offers much more functionality such as Spell Check, Word Import and lots of other goodies :)

BaseStation V7 Upgrade type1 - Download - The upgrade download will bring any previous installation up to V7

Databases - Module - Create your own flat file databases with this powerful module.

Databases - Category - Create flat file databases in seconds with this powerful module.

Demo / Tutorials Available - News - We are compiling a number of Flash based Demo's and tutorials which you can now view

Describe your site - Category - Another way of looking at how ASPBite can be used.

Describe yourself - Category - We have profiled a few typical users of ASPBite to correctly address your needs

DesignServe - Business - DesignServe are one of the top ASPBite integrators with some stunning work to date.

Developers Manual - Category - Information for Webmasters and Developers who will be setting up and configuring the ASPBite BaseStation

Domain Name Shop - Category - If you require a domain name for your ASPBite website we can provide both UK and US names

Downloads Manager - Module - This allows public or site members to download files from your web site

Downloads module - Category - This module allows you to manage your download files available on your website

Downloads Patch - Download - A patched file to fix download errors

Whois Lookup / Domain Checker - Category - Add domain availability checks, full whois lookup and domain purchase facility for available domains to your site.

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