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IdeasInMotion - Gallery - Good use of the Basestation for this site

IDS - Gallery - integrate ASPBite nicely using many of the PRO modules

IFE (NZ) - Gallery - makes a good use of ASPBite

Image Manager - Module - Allows you to manage all settings for images, duplication, watermarks and members uploaded files

Image Manager - Category - The Image manager will resize your photos on upload and automatically thumbnail them.

Included PRO Modules - Category - This section highlights all the modules included in the full PRO version. You dont have to install them all if you dont want to! You can also buy these modules individually if required.

Install ASPBite on your local IIS - Article - How to install ASPBite to your local IIS test server. Includes instructions for coping with multiple websites.

Install IIS (Internet Information Server) - Article - What IIS is, why you need it, and how to install it.

Installing ASPBite on your local test server - Category - Step by step instructions on how to get ASPBite (and other ASP applications) working on your IIS. Aimed at XP Pro users, includes installing IIS in the first place.

Internet World 2005 - we are there! - News - Come and see us at Internet World 14/15/16 June at Earles Court London.

Invoices & Credit Notes - Module - Send email based invoices (text or html) to your clients

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