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V6 Released - News - With improved settings handling, site map and AtoZ features this release adds even more power to your aspbite installation

V6.1 Released - News - The Quick Template Creator has arrived

v7 BaseStation Modules - Category - A list of the modules included with ASPBite v7 BaseStation

v7 Forums - Category - Forums for the free version 7

V7 Released - News - We have bundled the excellent FCKeditor which offers a lot of improved functionality.

v8 Forums - Category - Forums for the version 8

v8 Maintenance - Product - 12 months Direct support of a site built using ASPBite v8

v8 Modules - Category - A list of the modules included in the ASPBite v8 download

v8 Shop - Category - All products relating to v8 release of ASPBite

Vertical Market Modules - Category - These are modules we have created to work with industry specific vertical markets.

Videos - Module - Display videos on your website. Option to allow members to upload their own clips. - Gallery - Small site, but very nicely put together. - Gallery - This site from LiveNomadic is a portal for volunteers around the world

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