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Affiliate programme explained

by aspbite

If you just want to drive traffic to this site and make a commission from any sales generated then we offer a multi tiered affiliate programme.

This is free to join and pays the following commissions :

  • 10% on sales generated directly from your marketing efforts

If any of those members/clients become affiliates themselves, they too can earn that same 10% on any referrals they bring in, and you get additional commission down a further 4 levels :

  • 5% on level 2
  • 3% on level 3
  • 2% on level 4
  • 1% on level 5

So lets assume you join the programme, and your marketing efforts result in 5 e-commerce sales per month, AND 5 new affiliates join under you, AND they all do the same i.e. achieve 5 e-commerce sales and recruit a further 5 affiliates who all do the same! (this is obviously just for demonstration, and no figures are guaranteed) then this would be the resulting income for you:

  • 5 direct sales @ 10% = 49.50 commission for you
  • 25 level 2 sales @ 5% = 123.75 commission for you
  • 125 level 3 sales @ 3% = 371.25 commission for you
  • 625 level 4 sales @ 2% = 1,237.50 commission for you
  • 3125 level 5 sales @ 1% = 3,093.75 commission for you

In this scenario you would earn a total of 4,875.75 per month. 

Now before you quit your day job, that IS NOT probably going to happen.  However it demonstrates the possibilites that could be achieved just for joining our programme and referring traffic.

How to join and get started

To join is easy enough, and FREE.  Simply create a membership account on this site and once you have access to the members area, click on the Affiliates button and complete the simple application process.

How to drive traffic

You can drive traffic in a number of ways

  • Links from your existing websites.
  • Place banner adverts.
  • Start your own google (or other search engine) paid for campaign.


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