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by aspbite

I've worked with your CMS since the very early days.  I have seen it grow and grow via it's simple modular construction - and it just gets better and better! Every update i receive has many new tweaks and features to look forward to. I have used many different CMS platforms, but i can honestly say this is the most efficient and cost effective way to deploy simple or advanced websites!

Well done and many thanks for a great product!

Patrick Shelley - NovaNet UK

I'd just like to express my sincerest thanks for your help and support over the last week or so. I REALLY appreciate it!

It's been a pleasure doing business with you - long may it continue.



 Thanks Geoff!

... I've been playing around with the system [ASPBite PRO] and am so happy that I purchased it instead of the [Competitor] product. Not only is it easier to navigate and create categories and content, your support and commitment to continued development has been awesome! I emailed the "other guys" about 5x's to get more information on their product and to talk about customization and they never responded to even one! Thanks for such a great product and response to inquiries!

-Nicole  (via email)


 I'd say I ran across the unmistakable quality called Excellence and I now understand why your CMS  works so good.  This was the best Site system evaluation visit I have ever conducted.

ASPBite member anthonysteven in a forum post

 pure genius.


 Dan Williams (by email)

"Its just so easy to use.  We tried lots of other systems before deciding on ASPBite.  We are not that computer literate so thought our ASPBite reseller would have to spend ages teaching us how to use it, but we picked it up really quickly and didnt need much help at all.  We especially love the way the system automatically generates the thumbnail images and resizes the photos of the rabbits for us."


Times like this I am really glad of the multi-template feature of aspbite. I am sitting by the bar on holiday in tenerife writing this post on my Orange SPV E200 via pda template.

Mick Beeby  (before joining the ASPBite team!)

First I would like to tell that I found ASPBite fantastic!!! I am amazed with its functionality and easy of operation.

I am testing it in a local server with PWS and Acces 2000. I also tried it in an IIS 4.0 with Aceess 2000 and was amazed to find it working nice and smoothly.


Wow!!! V6 is great, I was gob-smacked with V5!!! This is amazing, great work. ...

Thanks for all the help from everyone - I work as a database programmer (Oracle not Microsoft) for a living and have worked with a number of third party suppliers that charge a fortune for annual support and dont provide half as good a service as I've received in the day that my post has been up asking for help.

I'll definitely be registering shortly to ensure that the writer gets his dues for this very good suite of programs.

Trevor North

Retek RMS/Oracle Developer

 Hi we use a very expensive CMS to build sites for Government establishments and want to use ASPBite for smaller clients. Very impresed with what I have seen......

Take a look at, we designed it but the software house that developed the site charge over 30k for it!!!


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