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There he would rather give up Ozil! Manchester United a deity Wenger pain for 11 years, specifically destroy Arsenal

If the selection of an Arsenal nemesis , then this person non Rooney must go ! Tonight 's Old Trafford once again confirms this truth , Wenger and his Gunners Cheap football shirts Manchester United can not win here , Wayne Rooney can not win ! Perhaps Wenger bow does not silently out of the stadium , the still do not understand why Cheap football kits this England striker in the past 11 years are his forever lingering pain !

Chinese football fans believe has a " law of conservation of character ," saying so in this battle before, we are keeping a low profile as possible . But Rooney is clearly not a believer in this statement , discount football kits in the field before the game, Rooney said in an interview released rhetoric : "In the past few years has taught us that Arsenal will fall behind in February ,Cheap football kits I knew we had to come up with the best state in order to beat Arsenal , I am very confident. Arsenal players must be very annoying to see me, because I always face when they can score . "

Dare to boast so under the sea, Rooney has enough natural capital . So far, the chubby grips with the Arsenal game has racked up 10 goals scored , which is on the single branch chubby Cheap football shirts career Premiership team's scoring record. It is worth mentioning that almost every goal Wayne Rooney for Arsenal to the extreme pain . 2002, October 19 , at the age of 16 years at Everton and Arsenal Wayne Rooney scored the first goal of his career , while the end of the Gunners up to 30 games unbeaten record. Cheap football shirts online In 2004, the day of his 19th birthday , has joined Arsenal, Manchester United's Wayne Rooney once again break the door , and for Ruud van Nistelrooy made ??a penalty, ending the Gunners 49 games straight unbeaten record . 2011 , Rooney in the face of Arsenal Zhongshan University hat trick , directed that field directly 8-2 slaughter. In addition, the first 100 chubby career Premier League goal also in the game with Arsenal scored .

In 2002 , after losing to Everton , Wenger praised Rooney said : "From my 96 years here, at 20 years of age of the players inside, Rooney is the best I've ever seen one ." discount football kits I'm afraid to say Zhefan words , the professor did not think this Arsenal destined nemesis, will torment Gunners for exactly 11 years. This night at Old Trafford , Arsenal beat people, or Rooney . Let us return to the game 's first 27 minutes , Manchester United won the corner kick opportunity front , Rooney surgeon personally kick the ball into an arc draw accurately find the plug after Robin van Persie , the latter a header record Szcz?sny break the fingers off , Manchester United 1-0 lead. Cheap football shirts online Robin van Persie after scoring very excited roar and knees taxiing , and he will own almost directly assists Rooney sent down to the ground , the two Manchester United ace with such a " radical love" radiance way to celebrate demonstrate their understanding.

When talking about the ball after the game , Rooney said: " Arsenal have a lot of Shorty players, so we feel that positioning the ball is an opportunity , of course, we did. Cheap football shirts This game is very important, our goal is to be more before Christmas close to the top . " obviously , in this corner tactics , Rooney a good grasp of the opponent 's defense weak points and give a fatal blow. In fact , this assists Rooney not all of the game , according to opta statistics, called Rooney Manchester United on the offensive end of the most active players. Chubby whole game totaled 3 feet hit the door , ranked audience first . The first 60 minutes he received a pass Road Closed Kagawa 's shot wide of the goal touching column , and 67 minutes at 20 yards in front of him also regret lob wide of the goal , if not bad luck Cheap football shirts free shipping , Rooney had a chance in this game harvest a goal. Other data , Rooney header also devoted four times , one steals and two interceptions , the active area covered again the audience . On Sky Sports after the game scores , Rooney got a game-high points 9 points , enough to prove his good performance.

In an interview before the game with Arsenal , Manchester United manager David Moyes has admitted that Manchester United had a chance in the summer before Arsenal signed Ozil , but eventually let him abandon the transaction reason is the presence of Wayne Rooney , David Moyes said: "We have been very close to signing Ozil , discount football kits which in our internal also caused some controversy Cheap football team kits , but at that point we have Wayne Rooney and Shinji Kagawa , so we do not need to introduce Ozil and we want to buy more other position players . " this is true, this season and return to the attacking midfielder position Rooney shadow front , demonstrating their ability , until now , has been accumulated on the offensive end Rooney Manchester United direct manufacturing 14 goals , while Manchester United in this three fronts of the total number of goals is 29 goals , Rooney accounted for almost one half of the team , Cheap football team kits which is sufficient to prove that Rooney 's ability to completely outside Ozil below . If Manchester United Ozil on the system , whether there is now in German Arsenal 's performance is still unknown, but Wayne Rooney is definitely worthy of Manchester United ace now . Arsenal for the introduction Ozil takes a staggering 4250 price , while the presence of Wayne Rooney Moyes because apparently eliminating the huge sum of money . This night, Rooney VS Ozil , the final winner is no doubt belong chubby , there is a presence of eukaryotic , perhaps fans can understand why Moyes dare boasted, Manchester United do not need Ozil remarks it.



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