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How it works

ASPbite is a comprehensive suite of ASP applications that are modular. This enables you to build websites with only the features you need.

Compare this with a small business who needs an accounting system.  If they get a programmer to develop an in-house accounting system it will cost them many many thousands of pounds and take a very long time.  Alternatively they can buy Sage Accounts for a few hundred pounds and get on with entering their invoices.

ASPBite is a bit like that.  Think of it as a program we install into your webspace.  From there we can template it to your requirements and edit the settings so it performs how you want it to work. 

This saves you lots of development time and cost.

If the application doesn't quite fit your requirements, or you need additional functionality, then we can quote for conducting bespoke work for you (even complete new modules!).

We (or our reseller) supply a complete service to you, including domain name registration, hosting accounts, consultancy, design services, ASPBite installation and integration, content inputting and onging support.


Q. Can I add this to my existing website to provide additional functionality.

A. Yes.  The system was originally designed to do just that, incorporating any html based template.  Over time the system grew to become a complete system on its own right, but you can certainly use it just to add, say, forums to an existing site no problem.

Q. If I buy a CMS Website can I upgrade to E-Commerce Later?

A. Yes.  We can also supply any of the premium modules later too so you can build things up along the way.  The same applies for custom programming.  The initial site you purchase can be easily updated later to grow as your needs grow.

Q. If I buy from a reseller who subsequently goes bust, where does that leave me?

A. In this instance we can take over the support of your site directly.  We have a policy never to deal directly with clients of our resellers, unless they wish us to.  In the case of the reseller ceasing to trade then we can certainly be on hand to support you and your website ongoing.  This may incur new hosting and support fees, however you will not be left in the dark.

Q. I am a webdesigner myself, and would like to offer ASPBite to my client base.  How do I go about that?

A. Anyone hosting with us on a reseller hosting account or dedicated server can apply to become an ASPBite reseller.  Please see the main Reyaltec website for prices of these accounts.

Q. I am not a webdesigner myself, but can sell websites using this system if someone else does the work.  Is this possible?

A. Yes.  We are happy to work with sales based agents on a 50/50 revshare basis.  You bring the sales, we do all the donkey work!  Talk to us!

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