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Module : Guestbook

For an added extra touch to your site - try the Guestbook Module !

Perfect for community, hobby or fun sites - the guestbook serves as a place for visitors to leave a personal message relating to their experience on your site.

Coming as a side menu that displays snippets of each message, once entered, the entire contents become available.  Users can leave a message, including their email and website address.  You can also allow the guestbook to be signed by non members.

The great benefit to this - Guestbook entries provide an extra place for interactivity and content - and allow users to leave public feedback!


  • Admin can easily edit or delete entries
  • Choose Public or Member only Guestbook
  • Easily turn feature on or off
  • Smileys, Email Links and Website Links
  • Have a  "banner" across top and bottom of pages
  • Assign a reliable member the privilege to admin
  • Choose to receive auto-emails on each new entry
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