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Module : Polls

This is a great module that grabs the attention of your site users, and lets them interact by voting in the polls that you create!

An invaluable way to gauge the thoughts, feelings and concerns of your members - not to mention correlating the resulting information and using it effectively!  That use could vary from a marketing campaign to finding out the screen resolution that your users view your site on - and much more besides !  Its only limited by your imagination.

Again, coming with its own auto menu, any new content is easily seen and read by your members.  It works in conjunction with the Members and Category modules!

The great benefit to this - Opinion Polls are great for the members and great for you - Make good use of the resulting info!


  • Admin can easily create or edit polls
  • Unlimited Answers/Options
  • Private or Public results
  • Show "who-voted-for-what"
  • Results displayed numerically and in bar graph
  • Auto Menu created upon each new poll
  • Specify which member type can view the content
  • Re-assign content location
  • Have a  "banner" across top and bottom of pages
  • Assign a reliable member the privilege to admin
  • Users can search and re-order content
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