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Module : Galleries

The Galleries Module is a purpose built module designed to display sets or prints of picture stills.  You can display as few or as many as you like.

It is directly linked to the carts module (if used), and you can set all prices and related information within the module itself.


  • Upload your original photos
  • Images are resized to your pre-defined sizes and thumbmnailed automatically
  • Optional overprint images with copyright notices
  • Build complete galleries with the click of a button.
  • ReOrder and rename titles, descriptions and other info
  • Search function finds individual Gallery Images, and displays them in the search result
  • Offer for sale Originals and/or Prints of your images
  • Works directly into the Shopping Cart for numerous purchases.
  • Customise how thumbnails and images are displayed
  • Image of the day feature

This module allows novice users to create professional galleries in minutes, with options to sell the prints, or originals of the images!

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