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Module : Videos

Rich and interesting media can make a site so much more popular !  Show videos on your site - easily - and giving your visitors something more than just some text and pictures can pay great dividends! 

With our videos module, you can do just that and a WHOLE lot more!


  • Easily upload your video files
  • Let Members upload videos
  • Allow videos to be rated/scored
  • Rated videos appear in league table format
  • Allow members to make comments on videos
  • Authorise content before display
  • "Latest Videos" and "Random Videos"
  • Supports WMV Files
  • Enable/Disable Score Changing
  • Restrict access to videos (charge for them!)
  • Change content location
  • Delete videos from site and server
  • Allows multiple clips and low/high speed videos
  • Allows still images (screen shot)
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Website using the Videos Module Magic Showcase uses the video module to the fullest extent - bringing a community of Magicians together to upload, score and comment on Magic Videos

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