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Module : Businesses

The Business Directory Module is a purpose built module designed to offer your members and visitors some valuable features!

Allowing 3 levels of listings - Basic, Standard, Advanced - with advanced offering subscribers full web pages - complete customisation !


  • Integrated with Carts Module - charge for listings!
  • 3 Listing levels -
  • Basic - free, text only, minimal contact details
  • Standard - paid for, text, picture, secure contact ability
  • Advanced - paid for, full web page, wysiwyg editor or HTML

Your Standard Members benefit from our secure contact ability.  When a Standard member creates their listing, they can input many different types of contact details.  These include name or company name, address, phone, fax and email. 

The email address is displayed only as "click here to email" - where-upon the user is presented with a form to write their email to you - minus your address!

The email is sent by your website, to the Standard members's email address - creating a copy of itself and sending to you!

Your Advanced subscribers can easily create their own web page, with full admin editing capabilities.  You have complete authorisation of the web pages, and any changes or edits are automatically emailed to you for checking!

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