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Module : Classifieds

The classifieds module is a real winner!  Jam packed with so many excellent features - you will be hard pressed to overlook this module!

Designed specifically to allow your members to engage in buying and selling - your site, in effect, becomes a shopping mall with you hiring out "space" to traders!

Members who wish to sell items can create a product, give it a title, description, set a price and choose what currency to trade in!

Thats not all! Sellers can upload a product picture, set postage rules, choose single or multiple stock options and have full edit control over their product!

Sellers also have the ability to take payments for their items direct to their PayPal account with their own Buy Button!

As a site owner, you can set many options that dictate the way your module works.  From allocating free product spaces to standard members as an incentive to buy premium memberships that have many more product spaces!

Various "Plugins" go hand in hand to give your site a really up to date feel! You can show the sites latest products (as snippets of information) and members profiles also have a plugin to show their own products for sale!

When setting up the product display page, you have an array of information that you can choose to display, and you can also chose to show whether a seller is PayPal verified - increasing the buyers peace of mind! You have a feedback system where buyers can rate sellers and leave comments, buyers can contact sellers privately through the site, and many more functions!

We also include an invaluable Froogle Feed generator which you can then upload to Google Base (Froogle) and displays the items on your site for millions more to see!

To see the Classifieds Module in action, go to where Magicians can sell their own new, used or unwanted magic tricks to other magicians!

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