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Module : Carts

Make life much easier for your shoppers and for yourself with the Shopping Carts Module!  Your Customers have a verifiable record of their purchase - allowing them to track their order from begining to end! 

The system emails you when you need to carry out administritive tasks and informing you of purchases.

This makes your administration easier - recent updates vastly improved the admin process to streamline as much as possible.

The module keeps full records - gives the customer full personal records of their transactions and captures client details.  You can set whether this is styled as a new member account, or simply ask for a name and address for the order (proven to be a better method of working).


  • Fully customisable delivery methods and costs.  Very configurable to suit your needs.
  • Members can have multiple delivery addresses
  • Handles repeat billing orders - ideal for domain names, hosting accounts etc. (for best results use with Orders Module)
  • Semi Automatic order processing - confirm and allocate payments, email customer confirmations,
  • Generate orders and invoices (Orders Module  required).  Auto allocate payments to invoice, email the client the invoice, all from within the cart processing page.
  • Seamless membership creation when purchasing
  • Currency conversion
  • Discount Vouchers - for promotions!
  • Tax/Vat support (totally hidden if not required)
  • Fully automated emails inform client of cart progress
  • Also Bought feature returns common products also bought at same time as latest item added to the cart
  • Recalc and Delete buttons allow clients to easily amend any mistakes or update quantities
  • Cart items can be locked to each other.  For example if a product has a setup cost then 2 cart items will be generated, one for the product itself and another for setup fee.  The setup fee will be bound to the main item so any changes to quantity will be duplicated for the setup (i.e. buy 2 pay for 2 setups).  Also bound items cannot be deleted from the cart, they are only removed if the main item is removed.  [Very Powerful feature!]
  • Deposits can be catered for, so you may have an item for sale, but only want to collect 25% of the cash today.  This would generate 2 cart items, one with the 25% as a normal entry and the other with the balance as part of the item description and 0 value on the current cart.  This allows the client to proceed to confirmation and payment pages. If the orders module is used then you can then pick up the balance order and hold until the job is complete, at which point you can invoice the client the balance (and track the payment with the automated statements feature).

The Shopping Cart accepts purchases from the Products Module as well as some other Modules. It is possible for us to write bespoke modules for clients, such as a roofing cost calculator (we have the code for this if anyone is interested!).  This, for example, calculates about a dozen or more components that are required, with the exact quantities and feeds all the items into the shopping cart in one go.

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