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Module : Products

E-commerce is all about products - and with the Products Module you are unlimited in how many you can create!

There are a vast amount of features available to you within this module, which goes hand in hand with our excellent Shopping Carts Module, Orders and Invoicing and Payments modules.

The great benefit to this - You can finally and effectively run your own online e-shop and begin a return on your investments!


  • Create Unlimited Products in Unlimited Categories
  • Same Product can appear in several Categories
  • Input Stock Codes
  • Include Currency Conversions
  • Set Postage and Delivery Prices & Methods
  • Include Pictures
  • Set normal Prices and "On Sale" Prices
  • VAT Inclusion if needed
  • Set Delivery Prices
  • Set Product Weights
  • Inlcude "Set-Up Fees" on your products
  • "QuickPics" - Let users enlarge images
  • Set & Control Affiliate Commisions (if used) up to 5 levels deep (so handles mlm style operations, or just use 1 level for a more traditional affiliate scheme.  Affiliate module required.
  • Create Re-newable products.  If Orders module is used then this will automatically invoice clients every period.  Periods can be set as any quantity of days, weeks, months, years.  So things like domain names can be set to rebill every 2 years (including email notifications and follow up statements!).
  • Also bought feature can be set to automatically track who bought "what with what", or you can force the issue and specify which products appear.  This feature appears on the main product page e.g. "Customers who bough this also bought ..."
  • Stock Levels.  This is basic stock level figure not a full stock control system.  However initial stock levels can be entered and you can customise per product how things are displayed if the item is in stock, or not as the case may be.  This is customisable as to whether you display the stock level or just some wording.  e.g. "In Stock" or "We have 4 in stock".  If out of stock you can choose to suspend orders for the item until back in stock.  If this option is set you can then elect to invite the members to join a "Back in stock notification" email, which you can send out at the time you increase the stock level (in fact the system will automatically prompt you to send out the email there and then with a single click!). 
  • Huge Array of Product Options, all of which can be set with a title and prompt/question e.g. "Colour - please tell us which colour you prefer..."
  • Drop down box with all products from a particular category (great for computer system builders who may have a product for a PC which uses this with a category of RAM chips allowing the client to order a bespoke system)
  • Text Boxes for general 1 line of information
  • Memo Boxes for multiple lines of info
  • Date Boxes if you need to collect a date for some reason
  • Tick Boxes are simple yes or no
  • Radio Boxes can provide a lot of options but only one can be selected
  • List Boxes are similar to radio, but a drop down list
  • Re-order and Clone options

    some of the above can control the price of the product and renewable timescales (e.g. you can set monthly/yearly prices in the options and let the customer choose)
  • Create Orders & Invoices (if used)
  • Create cross references
  • Assign Admin members to create content
  • Members can leave comments
  • Members can score (rate) content
  • Allow Code Snippets
  • Customise Product layouts
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