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Module : Orders

The orders module is extremely flexible in its approach on doing things. It is designed for use ideally with repeat order situations, but also handles single transactions.

Order Management

Individual orders can be manually entered by admin teams, where you can record:

  • the client
  • the order information e.g. "Domain Name"
  • further info e.g. "renewal of"
  • price and vat status e.g. "20 + vat"
  • repeat order details e.g. "every 2 years starting 1/1/07"
    • repeat orders are automatically renewed each period and the next renewal date calculated
  • Affiliate commission rates
    • Up to 5 levels of affilliate commission can be entered, which is automatically calculated and allocated to affilates once the invoice gets paid.
  • One or two other settings such as delivery costs (if required)

Orders can also be automatically generated from shopping carts.  Once a cart is set as Completed by admin, each item within the cart becomes an order in its own right.  All the info above can be set within the product file, and carries right through from products, to cart, to orders.

For example, on your website you may sell hosting accounts.  In the product you set the price, the repeat status (e.g. every 1 year) and any affilliate commissions available.  When a client makes a purchase the order is created automatically and the Orders module will rebill that client every year for thier hosting.  No more forgetting to invoice clients, or messy spreadsheets, or admin nightmares!

Order Analysis

One of the great features of this module, especially if you run repeat orders, is the forecasting that is provided.

Lets say you have 100 clients paying you £20 every 2 years for domain names, 50 clients paying £75 per year for hosting, and 25 clients paying you £10 per month for hosting.   What is your projected turnover for next year?  With the orders module you don't need to even think about it, the Analysis is there permanently telling you the value of your orders on a yearly basis.


Email notifications can be sent out automatically for repeat orders.  There are 3 notifications in total, which generally go out 1 month, 2 weeks and 1 week before the invoice is raised.  This allows time for your clients to cancel the order before you invoice (saves doing credit notes).

If it is a good client who has lots of orders with you then all orders coming up will be on the same email, rather than sending them loads of emails at the same time.

Order Processing

Although admin intervention is required, the order processing routines have been automated as much as possible, so if you have 30 orders that need processing that day, a few quick buttons pressed and all your processing is done!

When processing orders two things happen:

  1. Custom scripts can be fired that acutally do something.  For example, if the order is for a premium account on your website then the processing would ensure the client is granted another month/year of premium membership.  (this can be set to fire before the invoice is generated, or after the invoice is paid).
  2. An invoice is created.  Invoicing is included in the orders module, but its such a big feature that we gave it its own page. Read about Invoices here.

Debtors and Statements

If a client buys from your website they generally pay for their shopping carts at time of order.  However if you are billing out repeat invoices for domain names, hosting, maintenance contracts etc. then it is more usual to have to send an invoice and then get payment.

For that reason we track outstanding invoices on the debtors list and the system will automatically send out up to 5 statements / warnings, one a week until the invoice is settled.

Statements has its own page.  Read about Statements / Debtors here.

Member Financials Page

Your customers can log into your members area and view the "Financials" page.  This provides them with an up to the minute statement of account, and options to make payments via the website.

Customers can view all their current orders in the system and set, what we call, "Member Flags".  This is their ability to cancel any orders they do not wish to renew (and saves a heck of a lot of admin time).  You will get an email every time this happens and no more notifications / invoices will get generated until you either lift the flag, or delete the order completely (archive facility available).

Customers can view all their previous invoices.  Although they get invoices via email, this again saves admin time sending out copies etc.


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