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Module : Members

One of the most important modules within your website is the Member System.

It allows the creation of a membership to your site through a sign up process - either manually by you or by the potential member filling in a sign up form.  You can also disable this feature if you wish - having no member sign ups.

As well as the great features listed below, you can allocate premium levels of membership - restricting your website content to members who have the required membership level.

The great benefit to this - is the ability to start charging your members to see premium content which is not viewable by ordinary members.

You have Administritive access over:

1) Member's Main Record

  • First & Last Names
  • Email address
  • Enable/Disable Accounts
  • Set Admin Levels
  • Set Member Types

2) Address & Contact Details

  • Company Name
  • Full Address
  • Phone Numbers

3) Members Password

  • Manually Set New Password
  • Create 10 digit random password and email to member 

4) Historic Member Records

  • Join Date & Time
  • Last Login Date & Time
  • Total Logins
  • Last 25 Logins by Date, Time & IP Address

5) Admin Comments

  • Leave admin comments on a members record 

6) Message Groups

  • Enable or Disable Private Messages Groups

7) Orders and Invoices (if using e-commerce)

  • Auto Send Invoices to customer
  • HTML Invoices
  • Copy Invoices
  • Export data to external accounts

8) Affiliate Members (if used)

  • Set Commision Rates
  • Set Payment Method
  • Block Accounts
  • Upline & Downline info
  • Automated Link Tracking & Reports
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