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Module : Invoices & Credit Notes

The Invoicing system is part of the Orders module, which automatically creates invoices from shopping carts or other repeat orders entered into the system.

Invoices accumulate, so if you invoice the same client for 5 things that day, all 5 will appear on one invoice, unless you specify in the client settings for them to receive 1 invoice per item.

There are two customisable invoice layouts for text or html based emails.  The defaults are pretty good, however you can customise these to your hearts content.

Emails are sent out via email (saving postage costs and the environment!), and customers can also log in and retrieve them from your website in the Financials pages.

Things you can display on the Invoice Header :

  • Customer Name
  • Company Name
  • Address
  • Date
  • Invoice / Credit Number
  • Affilliate codes (if required)
  • Payment Status e.g. UNPAID or PAID

Things you can display on the transaction lines:

  • Qty
  • Stock Code
  • Item and description
  • Price
  • Line Total
  • VAT

Things you can display on the Footer

  • Total Net
  • Total VAT
  • Gross Invoice
  • Payment notes e.g. "Paid with thanks"

Invoice Analysis

Within the orders module, you also get invoice analysis:

  • This months turnover so far, complete with summary of, as yet, un-invoiced orders still to go out, providing a good estimate of the months turnover.  Very useful.
  • 3 or 12 month history of invoices raised.

Credit Notes

If you need to credit an invoice you have 2 options:

  • Credit the complete invoice
  • Credit an individual entry on the invoice.

When you credit an entry that originated from an order then the order is automatically admin flagged to prevent future billing (it is assumed the credit note is due to a cancellation, however you can override this and reactive the order later if need be).

An invoice item can only be credited once.  The system will not allow you to produce 2 credits from 1 invoice.  Also the credit note will be stamped with the member ID that created it so you can track who rasied the credit.

If you credit the full invoice then extra things happen (to reduce further admin time):

  • Original Invoice is marked as paid up (allocated) and will contain the credit number for future reference.
  • New Credit note is marked as allocated too, with the original invoice number for future reference.



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