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Module : Payments

Payment Gateways

The payments module allows you to take any / all of the following payment methods on your website:


Very popular payment gateway.  Anyone just about can open a PayPal account and send/receive money over the internet.


Popular payment gateway.  Simply enter your worldpay account info and set to test mode until they do a sample cart.  this has been approved already on other sites so is just a formality.  Then turn it to live and off you go.


This requires a custom component on the hosting server (contact us if you need hosting with HSBC component installed, as we have it on ours!), and is extremely finnicky to set up requiring SSL space (although our scirpts automate the pages on the SSL if on the right hosting).  So expect a bit of an extra setup fee if you are using this one.  Requires business account and merchant facilities with HSBC.

ePDQ (Barclays) Bank

Again finnicky to get working properley, so expect extra setup fees if using this. Requires business account and merchant facilities with Barclays.


Similar kind of system to PayPal but not as many people use it.  Seems to work fine from the odd few payments we have recieved via this.

Phone Us

This simply displays your phone number and custom message and asks your customers if they prefer they can phone you with thier card details.  Assumes you have the facility to process payments manually via a bank website or card machine.


Allows customers to print up a remittance note that they can send you with a cheque.

Bank Transfer

Simply displays your bank account info and asks that customers click a link on your site once they have initiated the transfer.  Once they click on the link you get an email to say to expect the funds.

Payment Tracking

Each payment is tracked with the following data:

  • customer
  • date & time
  • payment method
  • status (submitted, paid etc.)
  • amount
  • bank authorisation codes (if relevant)
  • other relevant info

Payment Processing

Depending on the payment gateway used this can be automated or admin task. 

For example a cheque would have to be admin task, here is the process:

  • Customer goes to payment page and chooses cheque
  • Customer prints off remittance note and posts out cheque
  • The payment is stored as "Processing" until an admin confirms it
  • If cheque arrives then the payment is marked as confirmed and can then be allocated.
  • If cheque never arrives then the payment can be deleted, with facility to email the customer to say as much

In the case of HSBC etc. their reportback routine can (and does) automatically record the fact the payment went through OK (or not depending on the outcome).

ccMan (maunal credit cards)

If you collect client credit card data by telephone, and choose to store this info for future transactions then their account can be marked as "ccMan".

As invoices are produced for these clients - a screen is available to inform you of the amounts required by each client.  You then manually process the cards (assuming you have client permission to do so) using your machine or virtual terminal.  You are provided options if the payment fails an email can be automatically generated informing the client to contact you with new card number.  If the payment goes through ok then a quick link will create the payment entry for you already filled out with amounts etc.

NOTE : our system does not collect or store credit card data via the website.  This feature assumes you have a secure system in place offline for keeping client cc data secure.

Invoice Allocation

If using the orders module for producing Invoices then payments can be part of fully allocated against outstanding invoices.

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