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Module : Credit System

The credit system is designed to provide 2 types of credit systems for your website :

Pre Pay Credit Balance Account

This allows the client to have funds deposited up front with you, which are then spent on ongoing services.  This is WIP at time of writing but the plan is to integrate into payments module where the pre pay account can be used for payment of shopping carts.

Pre Pay Token Systems

This allows you to set up any number of credit tokens.  As clients use services from your site the credits are allocated, then subsequently spent.  A good example of this would be for a text messaging service, where clients could pay for 100 texts in advance and a credit is used every time they send a text out from your site.


Note : both of these systems are relatively new and will probably require custom programming to effect your final solution.  Please speak with us about your requirements to see if we can provide a cost effective solution.

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