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Module : Task Manager

The Task Manager is a "behind the scenes" necessity to help you organise your staff and jobs that need doing on your site.

When you allocate a staff member admin rights or a similar level, they can then see a plugin that details the tasks or work that they need to carry out. They "Pick Up" the job, complete it and then "Drop it" once its complete.

You can assign jobs per admin level or by member ID.  So, if you created a task assigned to Developers, then all developers will see it. Alternitively, you can assign one specific Developer the task so only he see the job in hand.

Jobs can be assigned a level of importance with start and end dates. Any jobs that take too long automatically display "Overdue!"

If you dont have members of staff, the task manager can still be vitally important in helping you organise your admin duties, little jobs that you need to do - instead of writing them on a piece of paper and losing it!

The Task Manager also performs some of its own routines that are vital for the smooth functioning of your site.  Tasks like the "Daily Admin Routine" which fires a script to perform essential duties like renaming protected folders (so people cannot "hot link" to your content).  Or, if you use the Classifieds module, the task manager checks to see if a premium member has renewed his/her subscription and either lets their products stay on display or remove them. It cleans the Private Messages from the database after X number of days (you set the number) and many more functions as required.

Many of the functions in our CMS our like this - automated - to make your life and admin duties as easy as possible.

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