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Module : Affiliates

The affiliate module is quite flexible and extremely comprehensive.

Multi Level Affiliate scheme

You can set up to 5 levels of commission and the system will automatically calculate who gets paid what, and when!

You don't have to have multi level, you can just use the 1st level, so you could say "10% affiliate commission" on all sales.

If you do go multi then, each affiliate that joins you should be encouraged to recruit other affiliates themselves (as to how they do that isn't covered here, but generally revolves around them marketing your website for you).

Lets show this by example, Chris joins your affiliate scheme and starts to promote your site.  From his activities John joins up and does the same.  Claire joins as a result of Johns marketing.  Claire brings in a new client who buys your product.

  • Customer makes purchase, and pays invoice
  • Clair earns 1st level %
  • John earns 2nd level %
  • Chris earns 3rd level %

Your affiliate % is dictated by EACH product, so on more profitable items you can provide more %, whereas on tight margin items you can decrease it.

Campaign Management

Each affiliate can run multiple campaigns within their account.  For example, some professional affiliates out there will have a number of websites already on the go that will attract you traffic.  This allows them to have a campaign for each site so they/you can see which is performing best.

Link codes and HTML are provided for each campaign/site.

The system tracks hits and member sign ups from each campaign.

Running the affiliate scheme

Its all pretty easy really, as just about everything is automated (assuming you make proper use of the Orders and Payments modules).

The system works on PAID invoices, so you only pay out affilaites on good business.  If subsequent credit notes are raised to the client then affiliate commission is clawed back.  Due to the payment run delay this should not cause any issues.

There is a minimum payout before affiliates get paid.  This is pretty industry standard so won't cause any grief.  Usualy its about £25 but you can set to whatever depending on your processing costs and business model.

Your admin screen tells you exactly what is going on, and you can drill down and see the statement for each affiliate.

Once a month you need to do the Payment Run - this is where you confirm all affiliate accounts that have reached the minimum payment and authorise them to be included in the next payment run.  This will actually be run next month.

Then you will need to pay out the affiliates run from last month.  This runs a routine which allows you to print out self billing invoices and raise cheques for your affiliates.  (If they are VAT registered this is handled).

Other than physically writing the cheques, and printing the self billing invoices everything else is automated.

The affiliate can view their current statement online at any time, as well as getting a copy of it with your commission cheque.


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