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Module : Categories

Without the categories module, your site has no pages !

It allows you to create categories and sub-categories.  A category can be one page, or a series of pages.  Simply press "new" - name your page - type your page content, include some images and press save! Its that easy !

Automatically, a menu is created which can be used to navigate through the categories, in which you can add pictures.  Included, is an easy to use wysiwyg and HTML editor - allowing you to create the perfect page that you want!

The editor is a powerful tool that can even let you copy paste your content directly from MicroSoft Word straight into the editor on your site !

You can even create secondary content for your pages.  First content is usually placed at the top of pages, followed by (for example) products, downloads etc, which can then be followed by the secondary content detailing any further information that you wish.

Every category, sub-category or page can be assigned it's own customised SEO. If not using this option, then the system generates SEO based on your input in global SEO and Meta Tags settings in the CMS's system settings.

As well as customised SEO, you can also use different templates for each category, sub category or page! The changes can be as subtle or dramatic as you wish.  If you have HTML coding experience you simply have to place the ASPbite "calls" in your template to enable the content to dynamically show up.  We offer a number of pre-made templates that you can use to get you started.

The great benefit to this - There is no limit to how many categories, sub categories or pages you can create!


  • Easy and quick creation of pages/categories
  • Auto Menu Created upon new page name
  • Re-assign content location
  • Picture and/or Text Links in auto menu
  • Unlimited number of pages/categories
  • Easy to use editor - wysiwyg or HTML
  • Enable/Disable Page from display 
  • Allocate an admin flag and reason
  • Assign Member Type and Admin Levels
  • Create Cross References (Related Content)
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