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Module : Search

One  of the most important parts of any website, to the users - is the ability to search for information, products, pages and everything else in between.

Recent studies from E3 Media's Jakob Nielsen, show that search is such a prominent part of the web users experience, that users have developed a firm mental model for how it's supposed to work.

Site Users expect search to have three components:

  1. A box where they can type words
  2. A button labelled 'Search' that they click to run the search
  3. A list of results that appears on a new page - the SERP (Search Engine Results Page)

Well, thats exactly what the engine of our search module offers - and a little bit more!

You can choose what you want the search engine of your site to include or exclude from being searched for and displayed in the SERP!

And what's more is - you can choose the order they are displayed in - bringing more prominence and emphasis on the more important aspects of your site like products.

You can see just how easy it is to include or exclude different modules that your site uses - simply by ticking or unticking them!

Just to the right of the tick boxes, are simple up/down arrows that can order the content, displaying it in the order you wish.  You can move modules up or down by one place or take a module to the top or bottom in just one click!

 As well as this global search method, most modules have their own search facility on their respective home pages, allowing further dedicated searching!

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