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Module : A to Z

The A to Z module more or less takes care of itself (like most things in our CMS!)

As you create content on your site, the module analyzes the title and adds it to the main A to Z list under the appropriate letter of the alphabet.

When a site user clicks that letter, a master page is shown containing other content using the same letter.  It shows the content title and its description as well as the category it is located in - not to mention a direct link to the content itself.

As you can see, you are in complete control of the A to Z entry.  You can edit the current formation or add new entries specific to the content you choose.

As well as being in control of individual entries, you can customise the A to Z module layout and display.  You can also have content/scripts running above and below the A to Z master page to further enhance the look and functionality.

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