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Module : Site Map

The site map feature allows any content based module (such as Articles, News etc.) to be automatically included in a global site map.

All entries are displayed, along with the relevant category they are assigned to, with hyperlinks in place.

This allows your visitors to quickly locate all content on your site, but more importantly it allows the search engines to have a central place to index your complete site.

Your site map is automatically complied as you create content on your site, leaving you more time to concentrate on other important issues.

As shown in the picture example, each module that functions within your site is listed with it's own individual sections in alphabetical order - provided you have content for that module.

Like the Search Module, you can choose what module is included in the sitemap, as well as ordering what order the content is displayed - giving you the ability to showcase at the top whatever you feel is important to your users and search engine bots.

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