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Module : Image Manager

The Image Manager allows you to set all rules concerning files that are uploaded to your site.  This includes files that you upload as admin or owner or files that members upload.  It will automatically resize images to your pre-set sizes and allow you to create 2 thumbnail images (a normal size thumbnail and a mini size thumbnail).  All images can be used with any module.

When using Pro Modules that require it, you can also set rules concerning the Members "My Files" area.  Settings like file types, number of files and folder space can all be governed by the Image Manager.

The great benefit to this - You can have members upload to your site and you authorise the content, and you as your site's editor, can easily edit or create page after page filled with your images that you upload!


  • Set file types like .gif - .jpg - .png - .txt etc
  • Create/Delete new folders
  • Ties in with external server components like ASPjpeg
  • Duplicates and resizes images files
  • Allows water marks on images
  • Delete files
  • Bulk upload of files
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