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Module : Quick Links

Quick Links provide some very useful functions to your members throughout your site - whatever page they are visiting!

Displayed as a series of graphic and/or text links - these not only provide important links to your site users - but they also come with some very useful functions for your website such as a template changer (accesibility, PDA), Email Page Link, Site Mapper and Print Friendly Pages.

The great benefit to this - You can choose what links appear, customise the image/text and layout plus much more!


  • Enable/Disable Feature entirely
  • Text and/or Graphic Links
  • Customisable layout
  • Print Friendly Pages
  • Template Changer
  • Email Page Links
  • Add to Favorites link
  • Site Mapper

The Template Changing feature allows for disabled users to switch to a template that is properly accessible by their browsers and software, as well as any custom templates you provide.

The PDA template lets your site be accessed by todays mobile devices, and the less you restrict your site from people, the MORE people it's available to!

Print Friendly Page Links convert the current page to one with less colour and style - stripping out most of your content except for your text - allowing the quick printing of any page on your site.

Our system automatically creates a Site Map page, and every single piece of new content that you create is added to that page - instantly, and without you having to worry about about it!

Site Maps are not only very important to your visitors for navigation reasons - but also very important to seach engines so they can map out your site and understand it better.

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