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Module : News

The News Module provides a great way to convey news to your site members quickly and easily.  You may have News on your Home Page or News in any category, giving you flexibility to suit your site.

Coming with its own auto menu, any new content is easily seen and read by your members.  It works in conjunction with the Members and Category modules, so you can assign Admin level members to create/update News items within particular Categories!

Also, as site owner, you could opt to let your members submit news of their own.  You would receive emails from your site telling you that you have new content and you must review it and authorise its display!

You might even have special News for paying Members!

The great benefit to this - create more inter-activity for your members as well as bring separate news item to their attention!


  • Ultra easy to use editor for submitting content
  • Auto Menu created upon each new News Item
  • Picture and/or Text links in Auto Menu
  • Specify which member type can view the content
  • Emails site owner to authorise Members own News posts.
  • Re-assign content location
  • Code Snippet box available
  • Create Cross References
  • Allow Members to leave comments on News Items
  • Have a  "banner" across top and bottom of pages
  • Assign a reliable member the privillige to Administrate content
  • Users can search and re-order content
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