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Module : Forums

Message Boards (forums) are just one excellent way to create inter-activity between your site and the members!

You can create your forums in any category that you have made.  For example, in a help category you would create a help forum, to deal solely with help requests.

As with all modules, when you create a new forum you can specify exactly which member type can view the posts.  For example you can have an "Employees" forum which your general members will never see.

The great benefit to this - forums provide a lifeline between the members and site admin, while boost your content - and search engines love content !


  • Ultra easy to use editor for forum users
  • Members Avatars used in posts (if set)
  • Members Signatures used in post (if set)
  • Smiley Faces available to forum users
  • Code Snippet box available
  • Emails user of new forum post
  • Duplicate (Ghost) content into other site areas
  • Re-assign content location
  • Specify which member type can view the posts
  • Have a  "banner" across top and bottom of pages
  • Assign a reliable member the privillige to moderate content
  • Users can search and re-order content
  • Users can "quote" previous forum posts
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