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Mike Mussina said the win Inter reasonable results, point out Chelsea inspected in a new aid

Chelsea 2-0 win over Inter Milan won the discount football kits Champions League opener Guinness international victory after the game, the Blues coach Jose Mourinho believes that the result is reasonable, football kits uk the team's performance in the process fully deserved the victory.

Oscar wonderful curveball to kick opened the scoring, Azar then into the penalty kick, Inter Campagnaro also because malicious stampede Terry sent off, Chelsea's victory is relatively easy. The next game, the Blues will cheap football kits be in Beijing Zhou Yichen 6:30, and AC Milan compete for finals.

Mourinho led so far, warm-up four straight victories,cheap football kits uk but it comes to these victories, Madman very calm: "Winning these games, we did not get 12 points, we got 0 points and we have to win next game is Hull City (Premier League first round of the new season). "

"But even in the warm-up match, winning is better than losing a good, quite frankly, we face opponents in Asia, not the strength of a good team, and now we finally played a good team game to see the players' situation to me is very important. cheap football kits uk played the first half both teams are very good, maybe Inter start a little better than we, but the game is very exciting, our performance deserves to win. "

"Red card changed the Inter war, cheap kids football kits because they have to face the eleven ten people, and for us it is not a good thing, we can only face ten opponents (refer to examine the effects of exercise and discount), cheap football team kits in After the red card, the game's quality is not so good. "

Midfielder Fanjinkeer starting new aid and have a good performance, Mourinho commented: "The important thing is the team's progress and see how well some of the players the field, especially Fanjinkeer, I learned from the outset put to him, football kits for teams and to participate in this level of the game, watching his performance. "

"Unfortunately, Debu Lao Xu Earle inside and can not be played, otherwise it will cheap team football kits be a good experience, but I am for this game are very pleased with the results."

Speaking Oscar and a combination of Adjara, Mourinho said: cheap team football kits "Oscar rejoin report has five days, Azar from the outset, we practice the moves, as well as measures to deal with tough defense in front of the players cheap football kits for teams were practicing The very hard to see them in training exercises will be something, strive to use them to go to the game, it makes me feel happy. "

Sunday against AC Milan, Chelsea, cheap football team kits Mourinho Prospect, said: "We will be in New York against AC Milan, Italy, where there is a great community, I am convinced that the stadium will have a lot of fans, it would be great."

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